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The main features of auto insurance contracts. Satisfy your wants, needs, and budget;

An auto insurance policy is not chosen as a yogurt! Many elements make up an auto insurance. The auto insurance policy is a somewhat special insurance contract. Auto insurance is primarily a contract that can be compensated (reimbursed) when faced with a disaster. Amounts repaid depend on the contract of insurance coverage and the circumstances in which the damage was suffered. To summarize, the cover or guarantee determines which damages reimbursed and the necessary conditions for entitlement to compensation. An insurance contract is therefore a drawer in which we can bring various benefits, some mandatory, others optional, depending on the desired level of coverage.

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Guarantees covered by auto insurance contracts
Guarantees thus correspond to the coverage of the insurance contract. For more information, you can read our guide on secured car insurance contracts. One guarantee is mandatory for all individuals without exception, it is civil liability. The purpose of auto liability is to cover damage caused by the insured vehicle when the liability of the driver (or the owner) is engaged ie he is liable for damages caused to third parties. It also serves to compensate the injury a weak road users (cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle passengers) has suffered in a car accident. The principle of this insurance is that all persons or property that suffered an accident are compensated but not the driver responsible for the accident or his damaged vehicle.

Driving without insurance is an offense punishable under criminal law. Ie you risk penalties that can quickly be significant, imprisonment up to 6 months in the most serious cases, confiscation of the vehicle, disqualification from driving for at least 30 days, fined € 6,000 ... the severity of the penalty depends on the endangerment of others, your involvement in an accident or not, severity ...

Moreover, the fact of driving without insurance has serious conséqueces accident. Since you do not have auto insurance to pay the injured parties in the accident and vulnerable road users, you have to pay yourself and completely all the damage: repair of equipment damage, reimbursement of property destroyed, payment for care in case of injury, etc. The whole is to be added to the criminal sanction and fines you have to pay.

Civil liability is the first degree of protection, then there are a range of safeguards offering different levels of coverage. If you want to protect you and your car even when you are at fault, you will have to subscribe to other insurance options in addition to civil liability.

Since the free movement of goods and services is used in Europe, you also have the option to move on Belgian territory with a foreign insurance. Note however that it is rather difficult to find a foreign company who will agree to make a contract for Belgium, because it requires much more paperwork. It is much easier to find a national company.

The price of auto insurance: the premium and deductible The price of auto insurance is special because it cut into two parts, the premium and the deductible.

The insurance premium

This is the most visible part of the price of your insurance contract. The premium is the risk that you pose to the insurance company, it is the estimated amount that the company will have one day to repay you, supplemented by a small margin. The premium depends directly on two factors: first, the likelihood of having an accident and then the average cost of the claim in case of accidents. All the work of the insurance company will estimate for each driver his accident probability and costs. The other secret of insurance is risk pooling. Having a small number of policyholders is very dangerous for the insurer because the probabilities are correct that for large ensembles. Over the basis of insured, the smaller the risk of statistical aberration is high. Over the basis of insured is homogeneous, the more reliable will be the probability calculations.

The factors involved in the calculation of the premium are the type of car to ensure (size, power ...), the driver's age (more for age 26 and older), place of residence (rural or city ), the use of the vehicle, ie the number of kilometers traveled, the type of trips, etc. The last element that insurers take into account the experience of the driver, ie the number of years of insurance, bonus-malus, accidents, etc. Each insurer provides you with a certificate which mentions the number of accidents the last 5 years and your responsibility in these accidents.


Under this barbarous name hides the amounts that are your responsibility after reimbursement by your accident insurance company. Oh yeah, we do not refund you 100%! For example, if the damage in an accident amounted to € 300 and you have a deductible of € 100, this means that you must take charge € 100 and your insurance will reimburse you for the remaining € 200.

Both awards are intertwined and vary in opposite directions, depending on the level of allowances. Ie less deductibles will be higher, the higher the premium will be important and conversely, the more you will accept high and the lower the premium will be high deductibles. You'll understand if you're good driver, you should choose an insurance contract that offers higher deductibles, you will have a lower premium.

The duration of the auto insurance policy

The duration of an insurance contract can not exceed one year unless otherwise according to law. However, the insurance contract is renewed automatically from year to year. So as you say nothing, your insurance policy will continue to be extended and you will still be covered.

When you sign a contract of insurance is concluded immediately. However, you have a 14-day withdrawal period during which you may terminate the insurance contract with immediate effect at the time of notification by the insurer. The only exception to this right of withdrawal is for less than 30 days of insurance contracts, which is rarely the case for an auto insurance policy. The insurer has the same right of withdrawal with the same period of 14 days, the only difference is that the termination of the contract is effective only after 8 days to give you time to find another insurer.

If you do not want your insurance contract be tacitly extended and you therefore want to terminate at year's end you must tell your insurer at least 3 months in advance. You must tell your insurer that you oppose this tacit extension by letter, by writ or delivering the termination letter directly against a receipt. Your insurance contract will be terminated at the annual due date and the insurer is obviously required to cover you for losses occurring between the sending of the letter and the effective termination at the end of your contract.

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Green Card: proof that you are insured

The Green Card is a certificate that you provide your insurance company once you have subscribed to it and make your first payment. This green card indicates that your vehicle is insured and information some information about your insurance policy. This information is the same for all drivers and whatever the insurance company in which you own your auto insurance policy. This green card and same information is identical in 44 countries. It allows you a control in these countries and prove that you have at least liability insurance.

For the record, know that the shade of green used may change depending on the company you are affiliated with. No measure precisely defines the tint of green to be used! The Belgian Motor Insurers' Bureau (BBAA) must still approve the color used by each of the insurers in our country.

This document is standardized, it must be translated into (multiple languages) of the nation where you get it. Therefore your green card contains information about your insurance in French, Dutch and German if you are insured in Belgium. The only exception is the title, which is always shown in English in addition to the languages ​​of the country in which you are insured.