Car insurance for the senior

Auto insurance couple seniors

Are older people bad drivers? When we take the road we sometimes see drivers with a peculiar behavior. It must not make generalizations but when an old driver is driving, it is often problematic. We can not blame an old driver to have an aggressive behavior on the contrary. They often drive slowly and it may tend to annoy other road users. After all when an old driver hits the road is rarely to go to work so he has no reason to hurry.

Drive slowly, is not to base a bad thing so why older drivers they suffer from a bad reputation?

The problem is that older drivers sometimes wild behavior on the road. For example they can fit on a road without looking to the right, do not see a one-way panel and better yet, not to hear a honk for deafness. At the level of reflexes, it is not perfect and reaction time is poor. I speak not of you if the grandpa who crushed a pedestrian without realizing it. Okay I speak with you:

"The action of place in a small provincial town and a person aged 70 years at the wheel of his car in the city center. We do not care or really went that brave sir. It is not very attentive and his poor eyesight did not help either to avoid the pedestrian he will simply crush. But our grandpa does not stop and continues quietly on without worrying about what just happened. Stop a little further by the gendarmerie, our grandpa is surprising charges gendarmes. He thought indeed have crushed a dog and obviously our grandpa has little time to waste on the life of a poor little dog. But no luck for him because the dog in question was in fact a young man. The grandpa is an offense situation of flight and for the police it's hard to believe that we can not tell the difference between a dog and a pedestrian. " For the grandpa would be good to withdraw his driving license because when we do not differentiate between a man and a dog I do not think it is fit to drive without a danger to others.

It must be indulgent with the senior because at the time they had their licenses there were not all these lights, all these panels let alone all these cars. But the indulgence to limits and I wonder how many of you have never attended a surreal conduct by a "grandpa driver."

Yet a recent study, I would not cite the source as I did not want to disgrace this body, older people would not be more dangerous than the others on the road. With statistical proof:

9% of license holders aged 16 to 24 are involved in accidents while they are 2.4% in the 65 to 74 years. This would mean that young drivers are more dangerous than the old drivers? Does that mean that as the older drivers are safer than young so they are not dangerous?

To get a true idea must be taken into account the number of kilometers traveled, the time spent on the road and the time at which the movements are performed. A young driver who travels great distances at peak times is more at risk of being involved in an accident that an old driver who uses his car once a week to go to the supermarket.

We can not really talk about the myth of the bad old driver, it appears to be a reality and even insurance are beginning to put the issue on the table.

Older people concerned about insurance

Nothing about this is taboo because it is still a marginal phenomenon but which will soon grow to the point that insurers sounding the alarm.

It's true that it's pretty rare when you take the road to see an old grandpa driver at the wheel of his car. I'm not saying it never happens but it's not common.

In most cases, older drivers use their vehicles in the country. Since they do not use their car every day and that traffic is not important in the country, the accidents are not as frequent as that and that's probably why they arent yet too expensive insurance.

But it will not last because the generation "baby boom" in succession and future old driver will probably addicted to the car. Plus life expectancy increases we can expect to see more and more, both on motorways, as national, or even in the city center conductors growing older.

Insurers would love that the state requires older drivers to pass health checks to monitor their ability to drive a car. But for now there is no danger in delay again why the government would take the risk of offending some of his constituents. As so often in politics we wait until the fire is there to turn it off and you have to believe that the problem of driving of the senior is still a fairly large fire that firefighters can intervene. But for how much longer ? There's a safe bet that in 25 years the problem will be valid and it will then go out emergency measures.

The price of auto insurance for seniors

For now the old drivers are doing well and to find an advantageous auto insurance it's better to go to a specialist senior insurance. Insurers believe that a driver over 70 years generally respects better than anyone the limitations of speed and traffic, and that most seniors have a vital need for some of their cars in order not to find cut off from the world.

But it will not last because the reality is there. I do not think people over 70 years know better than others the rules of the road, on the contrary.

One day or other seniors will have to show banche leg to be allowed to drive, and they will also probably pay a little more for it.

Currently only young drivers have additional premiums to ensure drive. This seems not necessarily right even if we recognize the seniors of the road no longer have the Fouge youth and it is rare to be overtaken by an old driver traveling at high speed while listening to music the bowls bottom ...

Seniors are probably the safest drivers but that is not why they are not dangerous drivers.