College Students: Big Cheap Car Insurance Savings

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The keys to car insurance cheaper

It is not an option, you know that if you have a car you must have insurance. By law, every vehicle must have a contract with an insurance of at least Liability Compulsory (RCO), ie, third party insurance ... if you do not want to have serious problems. Often, to save the most money possible on your insurance you hire only the minimum stipulated by the regulations. However, this often is more expensive. Ideally, you know what your needs and parameters that expensive or cheaper your policy so you get the insurance that best fits your car and thus can sleep more peacefully.

Compare prices

The only way to make sure you are paying less is comparing insurers. Tedious work, of course, but many sites do now much easier. The comparator allow you to get real-time rates from different insurance through direct connections with pricing engines each entity and in less than five minutes. It's not nonsense, you can save up to 500 euros from one company to another in a policy with the same benefits.

What car do you have?

When you buy a car you have to consider, especially if then you'll have a limited budget, depending on how expensive the car so it will be safe later. Naturally, it will cost you less secure a Seat Ibiza an Audi A3, but this is not the only influence. Now we explain how to choose insurance depending on the type of car, but we remind the main parameters that insurers take into account:

Fuel: Normally vehicles with a petrol engine usually get insurance at lower that those with a diesel engine price. Brand: Lo said. The more expensive it is the more expensive car will your policy, for sure. Power: A greater power over the price of insurance goes up because it means there is an increased risk of accident. Accessories: The extras are paid not only on the final price of the car, but also influence later on insurance. This is because in case you have to repair or replace extra costs more to do so. Note that whenever a car with sporty finish is more expensive to insure. Color: Nothing goes unnoticed for insurers. Although there is usually no big differences between one color and another, the fact is that accident statistics in hand, insurers know what color have fewer accidents. Age: You know that every year that passes your car loses value, then this will greatly influence choosing an insurance or a third party. Where and how you use it: If the car has a garage will cost less, also the province in which you live and if you use it for work or personal use. Age

QuiƩn drives the car insurance is another important parameter that insurers have in mind when offering a late fee. All children under 25 years are those that get more expensive policies. This is considerably more expensive if the driver is also novel. Some time ago we suggest how to get a cheap insurance for young people.

You're a good driver

You've heard it many times that if you are a good driver pay less on your car insurance. And it is quite true. Even if you have the cheapest insurance in the world, when it is more expensive to renew enough if you have accidents or give part to your insurer as usual. Have all license points and not have suffered accidents is an important insurance when getting off the fare plus.

In addition, there are good conductors policies for setting premium depending on how you drive ... and eye, thanks to technology know how you drive at all times. These are known as pay as you drive. There are also policies depending on the number of kilometers you scroll through a year that might be interesting in some cases.

Types of Policies

It is important that you stick to your car needs to pay as little as possible. The policy will, ultimately, a price based on the risk you want to cover. In this post and tell you the most common questions and explain you why there are so many differences in price between insurers.

Basic insurance Third

The Compulsory Liability Insurance is the only one who can force you to have. This is responsible for covering personal and property damage you produce another in an accident in which you have been found guilty. Insurers increasingly include more coverage as the Voluntary Liability and Responsibility in the same package. Although you can also add other toppings such as:

Legal Defence and Claims for damages, which covers the costs of legal defense of the policyholder. Travel assistance, which helps the insured and passengers in case of accident on the road, theft or damage. Driver's insurance, which ensures the payment of compensation in case the driver dies, suffers a permanent disability or need medical assistance. parte_seguro_coche

Third Expanded insurance

This type of insurance covers the driver beyond his guilt in an accident or other problem. This type of policy usually offers:

Broken windows: covers the changing moons and placement. Theft: compensates for damages in case of theft or car accessories bearing. Fire and Explosion: The insurance can be partial or complete charge even if the vehicle suffers a fire. Extension Driver Insurance or Assistance: just add more cases to which provides the basic package. Fine management: The insurance company is responsible for all procedures arising from traffic fines. Withdrawal of driving license: The driver can access a fixed monthly fee (maximum) as a result of the provisional withdrawal of driving license. However, today, given the competitiveness between insurance exist within the third party insurance rather more complete packages with coverage of damages for injuries of big game animals, assistance with car replacement or cleaning of the vehicle in the event of transfer injured.

Insurance with excess

It consists of a fixed amount (or percentage) that the insured and the company agreed in advance depending on the risks you take. The insurer, in case of accident, will pay a percentage and the other driver. Thus not waive any coverage and a lower price is obtained. To give you an idea, if the insured has a deductible of 150 euros and the accident is 200 euros, the insurer will only pay 50 euros, since the first euros of the loss borne by the insured. They may be more convenient than insurance without excess.


Worth it if the car is new or has less than three years, since in case of loss the insurer will compensate the current market price and not for what it was worth when you bought it. We told you when to stop detail hire. They usually have higher prices, although each company is responsible for introducing more or less coverage to adjust the price.