Guide in Buying the Right Car with Cheap Insurance

How to maintain insurance when changing car?

FAQ about car insurance

You change cars, but you do not want to change auto insurance. Rather than waste time and termination procedures subscription, ask your insurer to extend your contract on the new vehicle. And whether the proposed price does not suit you, there will be time to change your car insurance.

Why keep the same auto insurance for a new car?

Keep its auto insurance has many advantages.

You know your insurer. You know how it handles claims. Change can reserve surprises: Compensation time longer, a minimum repayments, etc. A reduction of € 20 per year on your premium is it worth the risk?

In this time of intense competition between companies, loyalty is appreciated. Many insurers have implemented a system of points or bonuses to reward their regular customers. Why not negotiate the famous € 20 with your insurer?

Finally, choosing to simply transfer your auto insurance on your new car, you also save time. No need to terminate your contract or to register another. A simple amendment will do.

When proceed to carry auto insurance?

Even if you want to keep your car insurance, the basic rules remain the same. You have a legal obligation to insure your new car before they take possession. You should also report the sale of your old vehicle.

So it is better to do it in advance. Check with your insurer and expose him your project. Your advisor then establishes a quote. If it suits you, your company prepares your file so that everything is ready on the day of change of vehicle.

Did you know that your insurance company can also help you to buy and sell your car?

How to transfer its auto insurance if the sale and purchase does not take place the same day?

You sold your car before buying new. Your insurance contract is suspended on the evening of the sale at midnight. However, suspend is not terminate! The automatic termination in the event of sale of the insured vehicle will intervene only after 6 months. This leaves you time to find your new car.

You bought a car before selling the old one? Each car must be ensured. To alleviate the cost of this duplication, some insurers offer specific guarantees "self pending sale" or "drive change". The time varies depending on the company, but you have at least one month to sell your old vehicle.

The auto insurance transfer procedure

The transfer, or postponement, auto insurance on another vehicle is made by an amendment.

You have already negotiated the terms with your insurer (new premium and possible adaptation of guarantees). You still have to formalize the endorsement. Simply send your insurer a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You will enter the references of the current contract and the characteristics of the new car to insure. Then you attach to this letter a copy of the new registration.

FAQ about car insurance

Buying a used car can often make substantial savings, but also increases the risk of making a bad deal. Although it is not absolutely necessary to be the king of mechanics to enjoy the benefits of the second hand market, certain rules helps to avoid disappointment.

Determining maximum budget

As with the purchase of a new vehicle, you should always start his search by setting a maximum budget. Indeed, the ads are very numerous, it is easy to be tempted by a better-equipped model, and therefore more expensive. Set a limit not exceeding will better target your search.

Pay the right price

  Once you are set on purchasing a model and you have determined your budget, look at the ads and compare their prices compared to the odds. Check if the ad matches the conditions of listing: mileage, finish .... Generally, it holds an average of 15 000 km / year for a petrol model and 25 000 km / year for a diesel, but it also depends on the class of vehicle. If the mileage is outside these values, it will adjust the price. Before traveling, it is important to request a maximum of information on the equipment of the car and its exact finish. indeed careful not to be "sell" air conditioning as an option when it is set on the coveted model. Optional equipment such as ABS, leather seats, power steering drive up the side of a car. But beware, this increase is regressive and you must lower the price of these options from 20 to 50% per year, depending on their importance for the model (power steering for a city, the roof or automatic transmission for a road, etc.). In all cases, a car older than 5 years can see its price increase significantly by the presence of any option. Finally, we must stick to the amount listed in the ad and refuse any increase in prices for whatever reason: some sellers are in cahoots with a "competitor" potential that raises the price to force you hand!

Try the car

The test drive is essential and must! Never buy without having driven the car. If the seller refuses to take the wheel, we must look for another opportunity. Once in control, to 40 km / h, let go of the steering wheel - very carefully and when traffic conditions are favorable - to see if the car pulls to one side or the other, which lead to problems front or tires. The same test carried out by braking (ensuring that no one is behind) gives an indication of the balance and the state of the brake system, as well as the running gear. Simulate a niche to identify possible defects transmissions or important games in the train (clapping).

Take your time

To examine a vehicle carefully, it takes half an hour. Make a careful around the car looking at the body near: placed against the light, flush with paint in an attempt to locate any traces of sanding (circle micro-scratches) Repair synonyms or differences hue. The inside of the engine cover also provides its share of information: according to mileage, it would really suspect it to be sparkling clean. We must then try to identify any labels stuck by a mechanic, may contain the date and mileage of the last revision (under the hood, the amount of the driver's door ...). Compare the figure with that of the meter, one marked in the maintenance book and on any bills. The upholstery, pedal rubbers, carpet and floor mats are good indicators to identify an advanced age. Also check the wear of tires and rims to identify any traces of impacts that could have caused distortion of suspension.

Buy full day

Do not buy a car in a basement or in the dark, under the lighting of lamps, or pouring rain. Defects will be much less visible in the bad light conditions. In addition, you will not notice if the car has been repainted, as any differences in hue will not be apparent. A body always looks better in the dark or when wet.

Purchase for a professional

Models sold by a professional (dealers, agents, independent garages or specialists used) are often more expensive. But, as professionals, they engage their responsibility on the running of the vehicle, which is reassuring. The other good news is that their vehicles have generally benefited from a complete overhaul and are accompanied by a guarantee (from 3 years depending on the age of the occasion). But beware: sometimes the warranty covers the engine and the gearbox, and for a limited mileage. Dealer may have an advantage over other retailers, because the opportunities available to it are often times that allowed him selling a new car. If there is a vehicle brand, there is a safe bet that he has serviced and possesses repair history. It's a question. Buying a professional can therefore be made with some confidence, having taken care to make some routine checks: vehicle test, the presence of the maintenance log, tire condition ...

Purchase for a particular

With a minimum of psychology, it is possible to confuse a disreputable seller. When making contact with him, it is good to note his answers. Thus, when the next step, it will be possible to verify its franchise resting him the same questions and comparing the answers. Do not hesitate to be a tad inquisitive by asking many questions, even the most innocuous: Why are you selling your car? When did you buy? What path do you guys have done? Is it a first hand? etc. If the seller or annoys you vague answers, go your way. Also ask if the car has been in an accident. If he answers frankly, without trying to hide it, it is rather positive and proves he is honest. A damaged car is not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the work was done properly. At the slightest contradiction on his part, do not linger. We must also ensure that the car corresponds to that of the announcement. Some people use indeed an ad "bogus" to attract customers and offer them other models. At the time of the test drive, let the salesperson lead first to gauge his driving behavior. This will also help you know if the car was battered: startups on the hubcaps and sudden braking will certainly weakened mechanics. Finally, if the appointment takes place at the seller, its environment will give an idea of ​​his personality. The presence of a workshop full of tools and equipment "pro" must bring questions. Or better, make you drop the case.

Buying an employee

This is a very good vein to find a recent opportunity at a good price and without taking risks. These unusual vendors working at a manufacturer and buy their vehicle for a discount, then they have the opportunity to sell them after 6-8 months of use. These collaborators cars often have few kilometers, are pampered by their owners and are offered at an attractive price: 15 to 25% below the price of new. A discount that varies in effect according to the vehicle category, its engine ... For example, the high-end vehicles are often offered with larger discounts than urban or minivans. To find these cars, some manufacturers offer dedicated websites accessible via links from their main site. But others do not practice such resale centrally and each employee is doing alone.

Auctions and sales on parking

Please note, the risks are very high! Indeed, auctions do not allow the vehicle to try or know its origin. Yet very enticing, with discounts up to 50%, the results are interesting only for connoisseurs mechanics. Indeed, you do not have the opportunity to try the car or the hood. Only the technical inspection is presented to you, which is not enough to accurately know the state of a vehicle. Also, add transaction costs to the price of the auction: a "detail" that inflates the bill substantially. As for the "mini-salons" organized on Sunday on supermarket car parks, they are full of vehicles with sometimes dubious origins and the unscrupulous sellers often reprehensible methods. It is difficult to find a perfect vehicle. Even being a connoisseur, the risk is significant: better to avoid this kind of transaction.

Internet: extra caution

  Unable to ignore the Web when it comes to find an opportunity. If the source is excellent as very prolific scams and scammers are logically equally well represented! Internet only be used to find the right deal. Once that's done, the purchase will necessarily be the traditional way, which includes essential test drive the car. Also, you should never pay anything before this step, even to "reserve" the car and avoid remote payments (transfer or money order), which really not guarantee that we will one day see the car.