Cheap Car Insurance: Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in Rain

Winds and violent storms, rain and floods, mudslides, hail or snow, flood waves, but also storm or tornado ... regularly cause major damage to housing, vehicles, crops and businesses. For support by insurance against the degradation caused by bad weather (risk home for damage to housing or auto insurance if the vehicle is touched), the insured must comply with certain formalities and sometimes a certificate of bad weather.

Here are 5 steps to follow:

1) perform actions in protection possible to prevent the loss and damage from getting worse. Appealing for example if a roofing tiles are broken. 2) inform as soon as possible the insurer to declare the claim orally. Reiterate the statement in writing no later than within 5 days by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (specifically describe the damage and include an estimate of losses). We must make a declaration of damage: damaged housing, damaged vehicle, injury to the person. 3) take pictures, videos or witness testimony in possible before starting any operation of clearing and cleaning. 4) to sort out the business (collect important papers), clean what can be saved, stored everything unusable. 5) wait for the possible passage of the expert, or order a certificate of bad weather (eg localized hail storm that caused damage to the car and the roof).

Under what conditions are you compensated?

  • If have comprehensive insurance: the treatment is complete
  • If you have a third party insurance + glass breakage, theft and fire, only windshields and glass surfaces are covered by the guarantee "glass breakage"
  • If you have third party insurance (or liability): ouch, no cover ...
  • The last resort for insured third party: the natural disaster insurance!
  • If the hail storm that hit you was declared a natural disaster and if your contract has a close "natural disasters" (it is sometimes included automatically but rarely), then you are saved!
  • What steps do with your car insurance?

    Take photos immediately. A maximum and of good quality. Depending on your contract (read in doubt for some to be covered), contact your insurer to open a claim file. You have 5 days to report the incident, especially not Avoid dragging (although delays are sometimes lengthened to 30 days for large scale events)! If you are in third but covered for natural disasters, first check whether or not the state of natural disaster has been declared. If this is the case then you have ten days to file your return. Warning ! Some companies require a certificate issued by Météo-France (must be requested and it costs 52.15 euros but it is usually reimbursed by insurance), and even newspaper clippings devoted to this event. It is never too cautious among insurers ...

    How will you be compensated?

    In the case of the formula "all risks", regardless of the amount of compensation, you will only pay the amount of the deductible on your policy. For glass breakage, ditto.
  • If your car is stationary and more roadworthy, car insurance "hailstorm" can support the breakdown and towing needed through the audience.
  • If this is the cover natural disasters plays, note that the amount of the deductible natural disaster is the same for everyone: 380 €

  • To know

    Pay close attention to deadlines that determine reimbursement, spend your insurance phone call to find out which papers will be required, this is a time saver to be repaid. Allow several weeks, however ...

    In general, glass breakage are treated by the experts first. The body does not prevent rolling, experts are longer, especially when the hail storm hit a large number of motorists. But their expertise is essential whatever happens (your insurer will tell you everything).

    If your car is very old: the expert may classify wreck if the damage is too great. In this case, you can decide to give your car insurance and thus receive an amount equal to its value before the storm (less the deductible). Conversely, if you think it deserves to be preserved, then you will receive the corresponding value to the wreckage ... But you can not roll with because it will be officially a wreck (a priori no reason to so keep it ...)!

    Finally, your titin, same old, may deserve to be repaired: here, it's your decision in your garage and your own pocket. Up to you! ;-)

    In conclusion :

    Perform the steps as soon as possible by reading specific provisions in case of pockmarked car. Drive your car in for the expert to examine it and make its decision. After performing these steps, take your troubles patiently waiting to find your favorite car repair. Good to know !

    If your car was damaged while she was in your garage, that's his insurance will have to cover your compensation even if you have opted for Auto Insurance! As custodian of the vehicle load to Mr. Mechanic take care of your self! ;-)